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Being the most populated state in America with over 16 million inhabitants and with a growth rate of some 250,000 new residents each year an investment in property in Florida is quite obviously a popular move.

For the overseas buyer who is likely to rent out their Florida property for part of the year there is very little difficulty in letting their property due to the popularity of the region. As a location for overseas property purchase, Florida has few rivals when you consider the superb value for money, fabulous climate and an incomparable choice of affordable leisure and sports pursuits.

Buying a home overseas has proved to be an excellent long term investment and although in the 1990’s recession a number of areas were badly affected, the Florida property market was virtually untouched.

Florida has a very stable property market which acts as a discouragement to speculators wishing to make a quick profit particularly when you consider that capital gains tax can wipe out much of the profit. Rather then making a quick profit when finding property for sale in Florida you should look upon it as an investment in your family’s and friends future happiness, not solely in financial terms.

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