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A condominium (or ‘condo’) is a unit in a multiunit building and a very popular type of property currently for sale, often known as an apartment or flat in the UK. The owner of a condominium unit owns the unit itself and has the right, along with other owners, to use the common areas but does not own the communal elements such as the exterior walls, floors and ceilings or the exterior structure outside of the unit which are owned by the condominium association. On the whole, there are usually condominium association fees for maintenance of the building and property upkeep, taxes and insurance on the common areas and reserves for improvements.


A townhouse is a single family attached dwelling unit with party walls; usually an individual unit in a series of five to ten houses, with common walls between the units and side yards/gardens on the end units only. They may have one to three stories and all necessary facilities and amenities. Historically, townhouses referred to a house in a city as opposed to a country estate. However, more recently the term has been applied to particular houses in a row, whether planned unit developments or condominiums. In the UK townhouses are usually referred to as terraced houses. Townhouses represent some of the most attractive property for sale in Orlando/Florida.

Detached homes

A detached house is self-explanatory, however it must be noted that detached houses in Florida are often on much larger plots of land than their UK property equivalents. The expanse of space available to property in Orlando/Florida means many can offer swimming pools and spas as part of the property sale.


A villa is a style of housing and one of the most popular property for sale types to UK buyers, often an attached dwelling and usually one storey in height. Villas in the USA, though different than their European counterparts, are still very popular with UK holiday makers.

Gated Communities

A Gated Community is a neighbourhood usually surrounded by walls with restricted access through the use of electronically operated gates or a security guard. Gated communities include the safest property for sale available. The electronic gates may be opened through the use of individual remote controls and/or a numeric keypad and code. Some gated communities restrict entry at all times, while others only limit access during the evening hours. Property in gated communities varies per development, for more information call the Escapes2 office.

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